Karate Classes in Tempe May 2019

Karate Classes in Tempe May 2019
Looking for Karate Classes in Tempe Arizona?
Look no further. We offer traditional Shotokan Karate Classes in Tempe May 2019
Kata, Kihon, and Kumite are the foundation to good training and strong techniques.
Go to the Tempe YMCA to sign up today
or contact Dave Bracklow directly for more information.

Click on this link for more information: CLICK HERE

Karate Classes in Tempe May 2019 We offer training 3 days a week
Tuesday Thursday nights 6:00 - 7:00 pm
Saturday mornings 8:30 - 10:00 am

Follow the link below to sign up: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Karate Classes in Tempe May 2019 Karate-Do is many things:
Self-Defense, Exercise, Meditation, Stress Relief.
It is many different things to each person.
The ultimate goal is not victory or defeat, but perfection of character. We  belong to the  INTERNATIONAL SHOTOKAN KARATE FEDERATION One of the largest Karate groups in the US and abroad. CLICK HERE to read more about th…

Karate in Tempe May 2019

Karate in Tempe May 2019
We will be starting Karate in Tempe May 2019 @ the Tempe YMCA
The first class will be on Tuesday May 7th 2019.
Classes will be Tuesday/Thursday 6:00-7:00 pm Saturday 8:30-10:00 am weekly

Karate in Tempe May 2019Basic techniques to help with self-defense (Kihon) Form is also known as ( Kata )the foundation for Traditional Karate in Tempe May 2019 Sparring is essential to self-defense and traditional Karate ( Kumite )
Karate in Tempe May 2019 We belong to the ISKF a world organization which was one of the main groups to bring Karate to the United States in the early 1960's and eventually Karate in Tempe May 2019.
Contact me directly for more information: Dave Bracklow 480-390-4310
Or click on this link below to sign up today at Karate in Tempe May 2019 Tempe YMCA
Tempe YMCA Karate Sign Up

Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018

Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018 It's that time of year again. ASU students are back in session for Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018. If you or someone you know would like more information on this contact me directly or go to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex off of Apache Blvd. and College Ave.

Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018 Enrollment is open to all ASU Students and Faculty. Here is the links to the classes. Come in and try it out for free for the first few weeks. We have a Beginning class and an Advanced class. Monday and Wednesday nights.
CLICK HERE for more Info
Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018Karate is more than Punching Kicking Striking and Blocking. Yes it is a great form of self-defense, but there is more! Exercise, Sweat and Stress Relief. Many forms of Exercise give you all three of the previous, but I feel Karate/Martial Arts gives you a little more. If you Jog, Lift Weights or Ride a Bike you can find yourself drifting back into your reality. The intensity of Karate Training k…

Karate Class at ASU Fall 2017

Karate Class at ASU Fall 2017 We are gearing up for the Shotokan Karate Class at ASU fall 2017. This will be an Introduction to Traditional Karate class. We will cater to beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students. We will be offering this class Monday and Wednesday night 6:45-8:00 pm. Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 1:30-2:45 pm, at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. CLICK HERE to get more information on this class. Also a note Karate Class at ASU Fall 2017 is open to the public as well.

Karate Class at ASU Fall 2017THE FIRST TWO WEEKS ARE FREE!!!Come and train on any or all of the classes. Make sure you don't miss the class on Wednesday August 23 6:45-8:00 pm. We will be having guests to train with us. Six advanced students from our main dojo will be joining us to train, help and do a few Demonstrations. Don't miss this class it will be a great work-out, and fun for all. CLICK HERE to view the website to our main dojo.
Looking for Stress Relief? Karate is self defense…

Karate Classes in Tempe

Karate Classes in Tempe Looking for Karate Classes in Tempe? We are starting a new class in Tempe Az at ASU. It is open to the public. Pricing is the best around. Most classes with cost between $50-$100/ month. CLICK HERE to see more about the class and cost's. This class will be for all levels, with the emphasis on new students. If you have trained before in a Traditional Japanese Karate, please come and see us.
Karate Classes in Tempe We are offering 2 classes this fall one on Monday and Wednesday night 6:45-8:00 pm. The other will be Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-2:45. Main objectives of the class will be a good work out(Health) and self-defense. Blocking, Punching, Kicking and Striking are the core to Shotokan Karate. We will spend time stretching before and after class. If you are in good shape you will have an opportunity to sweat and work out at a high level. High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.). If you are not in top shape, this class is for you as well.
Karate Classes in…