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Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018

Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018 It's that time of year again. ASU students are back in session for Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018. If you or someone you know would like more information on this contact me directly or go to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex off of Apache Blvd. and College Ave.

Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018 Enrollment is open to all ASU Students and Faculty. Here is the links to the classes. Come in and try it out for free for the first few weeks. We have a Beginning class and an Advanced class. Monday and Wednesday nights.
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Karate Classes at ASU Fall 2018Karate is more than Punching Kicking Striking and Blocking. Yes it is a great form of self-defense, but there is more! Exercise, Sweat and Stress Relief. Many forms of Exercise give you all three of the previous, but I feel Karate/Martial Arts gives you a little more. If you Jog, Lift Weights or Ride a Bike you can find yourself drifting back into your reality. The intensity of Karate Training k…