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Karate for Kids in Tempe (11-05-2019)

Karate for Kids in Tempe (11-05-2019) We are offering a "FREE" Karate for Kids in Tempe (11-05-2019)
at the Tempe YMCA. Please contact us directly for more information.
The YMCA website is not updated yet.

Karate for Kids in Tempe (11-05-2019) The ISKF is a World Class Karate organization, Promoting traditional
karate. Helping kids develop good character, confidence, self defense
and good health. Hard work is a good foundation to develop healthy habits.

Karate for Kids in Tempe (11-05-2019) Contact us today, or stop into the Tempe YMCA to sign up for FREE karate classes for kids. We will start a new program on the first Saturday of each month. Classes will be Saturday 9:30-10:30.